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How to Safely Find Your Dream Home During Coronavirus

Here we are...the end of August and the Coronavirus is still the main topic of concern for most of us. It's been several months and we are navigating through the house hunting process because let's face it, housing is essential and the need to find one doesn't end because we are in the middle of a pandemic. State officials are projecting an influx of cases as we enter the Fall and Winter season. This does not mean we stop the housing search. It means we MUST take precautions to stay safe.

To our advantage, there are options available such as Virtual Walk Through Tours, Video-Chat Tours, or using these tips to tour your dream home in person. Your agent can help you to prepare and to protect yourself and those around you.

Stay Home and Shop Virtually

Social distancing is now the NEW NORMAL and staying home is by far the best way to stay safe. That does not mean you have to stop your #homesearch. Technology has awarded us the opportunity to shop for your #dreamhome without ever leaving the couch. Welcome to the world of Virtual Tours and live Video Chat Tours.

Virtual Tours allows you to see the inside listed home just like you are standing inside. #Buyers can view every angle of the every room right from the convenience and safely of their home.

Video Chat Tours allow you to tour a home at a scheduled time with your #buyersagent. Think of it as a Facetime, Skype or Google Duo call. Your agent is your legs and will walk with you through the home so you can ask the questions you want to know. This is a great option to determine things that do not show up on a video tour like if there’s enough natural light, the curb appeal or closet space.

Virtual is OK...But I Need To See The House In Person!

You toured virtually and think you have found the home of your dreams. You are not comfortable making an offer without seeing the home in person. Here are some tips to ensure a safe home tour.

  1. Don’t go if you feel sick(or weak): It is better to be safe and cancel your appointment if you or someone in your home feels sick, has a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or has been exposed to COVID-19.

  2. Limit the Number of People: It is exciting when you've selected a home. You may want to share that excitement with your family but leave the group at home. It's not the time to bring the whole family to check out your potential new home. Save that for the house warming.

  3. Drive yourself: Prior to coronavirus, your agent may have driven you to visit homes. Safety first, so plan to meet your realtor at the home instead.

  4. Wear Gloves: Protect yourself from door knobs, light switches and anything you may come into contact with during your tour.

  5. Practice social distancing: Your agent will stay at least 6 feet away as you walk through the home. There may be times you are alone in rooms to allow enough space.

It is not necessary to stop your home search. Statistics show that #homebuyers still want to purchase during a pandemic. By using these options, you not only protect yourself but your #realestateagent and #sellers too!

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